Baby Driver (2017)

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Date Created: 04/07/2017
Date Modified: 04/02/2018
Runtime: 113 min -
After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.

Baby Driver is a 2017 action film[5] written and directed by Edgar Wright, starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Bernthal, Eiza González, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx. The plot follows Baby, a young getaway driver who is coerced into working for a kingpin.

Baby Driver was co-produced by Working Title Films and Big Talk Productions and was distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures and by TriStar Pictures in the US. It premiered at South by Southwest on March 11, 2017 and was released theatrically on June 28, 2017.[6][7]The film received critical acclaim and has grossed $37 million worldwide

Baby, a young and talented getaway driver in Atlanta, Georgia, relies on the personal beat of his preferred soundtrack to be the best in the world of crime, as music heightens his focus and reflexes to extreme levels. A car accident as a child killed both his parents and left him with severe tinnitus, which he blocks out using music; he also records his everyday conversations with a small tape recorder, which he then remixes into songs using vintage audio equipment. He is preferred as a driver by Doc, a mastermind heist planner; Baby drives for Doc to pay off a debt he incurred when much younger after stealing one of Doc's cars. Baby lives with his deaf foster father, Joseph, whom he cares for.

After successfully pulling off a bank robbery with crew members Griff, Buddy, and Buddy's wife Darling, Baby and Doc agree that Baby's debt will be paid off after his next job. Between jobs, Baby meets waitress Debora at a diner he stops into, and the two strike up a friendship. Baby runs his next job - an armored car robbery - with Bats, No-Nose, and JD, which goes awry when a by-stander attempts to intervene; Baby makes his escape; but he is shaken upon seeing a security guard killed. Doc informs Baby his debt is paid, but Baby is further shaken upon seeing JD (who left a shotgun behind at the scene) dead in the trunk in one of the getaway cars.

Baby takes a job as a pizza delivery man, which Joseph approves of. He uses his first day's pay to take Debora out for a nice dinner, at which he runs into Doc, who informs him that he is needed for another job. Baby agrees in order to keep Debora safe. The job turns out to be a post office robbery, with Bats, Buddy, and Darling on the crew to steal a box of money orders. Baby cases the joint, and the crew go to buy guns that night from the Butcher. Bats kills the Butcher upon recognizing him as a policeman; this ignites a gunfight in which the Butcher's entire crew is killed, and Darling is shot in the arm. The group stops into the diner where Debora works after fleeing the scene. Upon returning to Doc, they are informed that the policemen doing the deal were paid off and were the ones who were going to fence the stolen money orders; due to Bats's mistake, Doc calls off the heist but changes his mind once Buddy reveals he is connected to a fence as well.

Baby attempts to leave and run away with Debora, but is stopped by Bats and Buddy, who find his recorder and tapes. The group agrees that Baby is not trying to rat on them, but Bats notices a tape labeled "Debora"; recognizing the name from the diner, he threatens her, coercing Baby into doing the job. The morning of the heist, Bats kills another guard; when the crew gets into the car, Baby waits as the crew yell at him to drive off and when he finally speeds forward, a re-bar from a truck parked in front of them crashes through the windshield and fatally impales Bats. The remaining three flee the scene, Buddy and Darling pursuing Baby. Darling is killed in a shootout with police; as Baby flees the scene, Buddy vows revenge on him for getting Darling killed.

Baby takes Joseph to an assisted living home so he will be safe, and returns to the diner, where Buddy is waiting. Baby shoots Buddy and flees with Debora, but Buddy - and the police - give chase. Baby goes to Doc for help, who agrees after seeing him with Debora, stating he was in love once as well. He gives them a bag of money and defends them in his parking garage from three of the Butcher's men, but is hit and killed by Buddy in a police car. Baby pushes Buddy's car off a ledge, destroying it; Buddy escapes before the car falls, and fires his gun next to Baby's ears, temporarily deafening him. Debora attacks him before he can kill her, and Baby shoots him in the leg, sending him falling over the ledge to his death.

Debora drives Baby away from the scene, but they are stopped by police, to whom Baby surrenders. For his crimes, Baby is sentenced to 25 years in prison, with a parole hearing after five. Debora sends him postcards in prison (she also discovers that his real name is Miles and promises to listen to music about Miles), and is waiting for him outside after his release.


Ansel Elgort as Miles "Baby", a young man with a love for music who works as the getaway driver for a rotating crew of bank robbers.[8]

Hudson Meek as Young Baby

Lily James as Debora, a young waitress and Baby's romantic interest.
Kevin Spacey as Doc, the mysterious kingpin of the rag-tag crew of bank robbers and a veteran criminal mastermind.
Jon Hamm as Jason "Buddy" Van Horn, the handsome party animal and one of the villains, part of the bank robber's gang and a former Wall Street trader.
Jamie Foxx as Leon "Bats" Jefferson III, the impulsive gun-slinging cohort of the bank robbing crew.
Jon Bernthal as Griff, one of the bank robbers who mocks Baby constantly.
Eiza González as Monica "Darling" Costello, one of the bank robbers, Buddy’s lawless and scandalous wife and partner in crime.[9]
CJ Jones as Joseph, Baby's foster father.
Flea as Eddie "No-Nose", one of the bank robbers.[10]
Lanny Joon as JD, one of the bank robbers.
Sky Ferreira as Baby's mom.
Big Boi as Restaurant Patron #1[11]
Killer Mike as Restaurant Patron #2[12]
Paul Williams as the Butcher[13]
Jon Spencer as Prison Guard